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Research, Engagement, Strategies, and Creative Delivery

We specialize in research focused on international comparisons, social cohesion, and the development of creative sectors. We're passionate about civic engagement, and our expertise extends to art production, political and election campaigns.

We believe that the results of our work shouldn't just remain on paper. Alongside experts and the public, we execute marketing campaigns to advocate for change and actively steer the transformation process.

Our clientele includes ministries, central and regional offices, municipalities, non-profit organizations, businesses. And politicians genuinely dedicated to improving laws and places.

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Housing Policies

Housing Analysis and Policies

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Creative Industries Strategies, Policies

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Mapping Creative Talents

Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion Research


Legislation Analysis and Recommendations

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Election Campaigns


Civic Campaigns

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Citizen Engagement


Video Production


PPC, Websites, Content


Event Management

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Art Production

Our story

Tereza Dvorakova
Mirek Koranda

Tereza Koranda Dvořáková


Miroslav Koranda

Tereza & Mirek
Researcher and social scientist and freelancer with educational background in theater management. As a married couple, we celebrated our union near Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. Yet, our frequent retreats to the Red Pond in the Ore Mountains, Czech Republic inspired the name "Redpond" for our venture.

The Birth of Redpond
Our collaborations on various projects for our clients grew increasingly frequent, leading to the foundation of Redpond.

Transforming Northwest Czech
We are deeply committed to the evolution of Northwest Czech, a region transitioning from a coal-centric economy to innovative industries. This shift presents numerous social challenges. Our approach? Tackling these changes creatively and harnessing the potential of local talents.

Global Collaborations
Our endeavors are enriched by international experiences. Our active collaborations with German colleagues and insights from friends in British Columbia are testament to this. Together, we're gearing up for initiatives that bridge British Columbia with the Czech-Saxon border, especially with Chemnitz's upcoming role as the European Capital of Culture in 2025.

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We can meet in Chomutov, Prague, Saxony or in British Columbia.